Your connection to a world of app lovers.

Ströer Mobile Performance helps your company promote its app through a global network of long-time trusted publishing partners. We put our mobile-ad product portfolio to work so that your brand excels.

Your needs, our approach

Your specific KPIs build the basis for our individual measures to enhance your mobile campaign results.

Your product, our network

Through our unique network of global publishers, we guarantee you great visibility and measurable reach.

Your trust, our promise

Your premium brand deserves the right environment through our brand securing targeting.

Simple pricing, no surprises

Choose from our multiple mobile measures

User Acquisition

A competitive CPI that fits each market. Suitable for developers with a little budget. The CPI deal is based on analyses of all our global markets.

Lead Generation

Our CPA model allows us to generate leads according to your individual needs. Through this measure we provide our advertisers with newsletter sign-ups, sales and other defined actions.

Chart Boost

Our chart boost campaigns help your app to climb the well-known app store rankings in order to gain users organically.


Through our proven re-engagement solution we are able to re-activate your app’s users in order to get your app back on their radar.


We are challenging beliefs, we are here to set new standards in performance marketing. Integrating the whole portfolio of marketing solutions, we offer AI-powered comprehensive performance beyond fenced models. With a strong focus on transparency and direct, exclusive access to Germany‘s leading digital marketer‘s media, we feature a rare combination: The mindset of a digital challenger and the experience of a media powerhouse. Dare to be different!

In our technology we trust.

Adsolut is a machine-learning ad-technology, covering the full programmatic value-chain and optimizing both the supply and demand paths. We are listening to an extensive amounts of supply-requests and supply resources, replacing numerous resourceful services with a single, valuable and focused bidstream, thats highly efficient and fully transparent.
Qualified supply

Clutter detection & exclusion: fraud, header bidding duplications, Non-viewable impressions


Publisher, SSP, DSP ranking and qualification. A platform that’s fully customizable and continuously understands your daily work


Most efficient and transparent midstream that dramatically saves data-costs and boosts performance and ROI


A matrix of ML algorithms learn & decide on supply, demand and behavioral data, delivering focused midstream with predict bidding opportunities.

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Made with passion

in Cologne

We are now living in the Mobile Internet era. The mobile web experience recently surpassed desktop consumption. While mobile ad spendings still lag behind the overall mobile media behavior trend, we at Ströer Mobile Performance focus on the potential of becoming the most influential marketing tool around.

With our team of passionate mobile innovators, we have gathered in-depth knowledge in an industry that is still on the rise. Our know-how has led to long-time partnerships and a vast network of trusted mobile businesses. Our network is what we call the ‘treasure of mobile marketing’.

We truly believe in personal relationships and rely on our great group of mobile experts who are the real

heart and soul of our company. Backed by the biggest digital as well as non-digital marketer in Germany, Ströer, we as their performance division are ready to drive mobile business through our mix of experience and curiosity.

Mobile marketing is still far from being fully explored. We can assure you that there’s a whole continent of opportunities for your brand – and we have already set foot there. Come with us and discover the passion of mobile marketing!

That is why we at Ströer Mobile Performance think your company needs to talk to us.