November 2018
Trivia Thursday App Marketing Budget

TriviaThursday #4: What’s the Percentage of App Marketing Budgets in App Investments?

What’s the percentage of overall budgets invested in app marketing budgets? It has been established that it’s not a good idea to spend a lot of money on building an app and leaving out the app marketing budget part. In fact, the industry has embraced this wisdom and is investing remarkable funds in app marketing...
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Rafael de Carvalho Ströer Mobile Performance

Meet Rafael de Carvalho: “It is important to focus and be efficient”

An interview with our new Head of Campaign and Ad Management, Rafael de Carvalho There is a lot of work ahead and a lot of space to fill. The prospect of big challenges doesn’t seem to worry Rafael de Carvalho, however. Quite the opposite: “There is so much opportunity and so much room to bring...
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Trivia Thursday Palo Alto Work

TriviaThursday #3: What is the distance to travel from Copenhagen via Paris to Palo Alto?

What is the distance if you travel from Copenhagen to Palo Alto – via Paris? Well. It’s not even 5 meters. Or, depending on the length of your legs and flexibility, roughly 6 steps. Okay, this was a trick question. At the Cologne Oval Office, a beautiful office building with a view of the Rhine...
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Android App Downloads Trivia Thursday

TriviaThursday #2: What is Android’s Share of Worldwide App Downloads?

A look at Worldwide App Downloads Did you know that Android users generate the most app downloads worldwide? Even though the Google Play Store is a couple of months younger than the App Store, it still manages to be more successful when it comes to app downloads, at least in terms of volume – and...
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App Promotion Summit Berlin 2018

We’re Going to App Promotion Summit Berlin 2018

How to grow apps. We’ll be at App Promotion Summit 2018. The Ströer Mobile Performance team is enthusiastic about growing app audiences and helping advertisers achieve the maximum success with their mobile marketing budgets in this scenario. This is why we recommend smart, individual approaches to promoting apps. And that, too, is why we believe...
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CPI CPA CPS Transaction Models

TriviaThursday #1: CPI, CPS, CPA – what does that mean?

Today, in our first episode of Trivia Thursday, we’d like to help you jump-start your understanding of important transaction models that are common in digital performance marketing. After all, there are so many websites, conversations, trade shows and other opportunities to hit into a wall of acronyms. The digital marketing and advertising sphere is crowded...
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