Our Start in Japan: Successful Months in Tokyo

Based on Transparency, We Grow Our App Business with Agency Partners in Japan

At the start of this exciting year, our company announced ambitious plans: Expanding to Japan was on the agenda. Now, as 2019 is almost at the half way mark, we’re happy to deliver a quick look back at what we’ve learned and how we’ve fared rolling out in Tokyo and beyond.

Ströer Japan Precision X Transparency

“We have made tremendous progress and it’s been very positive to see the growth on the basis of an existing network of partnerships”, says Yosuke Kurokami, Head of Japan Demand & Supply. We introduced Yosuke early this year. Then, it was clear that he was well-connected. He was optimistic about the Japanese love for new things. But we could not take for granted that developing good relationships and actual business would happen this quickly.

Transparency and Fraud Prevention as USPs

As of May 2019, our expansion to Japan has evolved into a great, ongoing success story. “One important step to establishing a firm footing was a visit that Yosuke and I did to all major agencies in Japan this spring”, Michael Shin Schmidt explains, our Yield Manager. Shin and Yosuke added a face to the promises we make. This added an important level of credibility. Having this is key to gaining trust from Japanese partners.

When it comes to business proposals, our company has some USPs to offer that Japanese agencies are specifically looking for. One, we really take transparency seriously. If you have been following our recent posts, you may have noticed that this is a topic of high importance for us – and continues to grow. Transparency will be a key asset to our products going forward. In practice, offering insights through our BI tool is one of the ways we deliver this transparency. The second thing that has been raising the interest of our Japanese agency partners was our clear focus on fraud prevention and control, which we continue to refine with our in-house tech stack.

Focus on on-demand, travel and entertainment

April 2019 was the breakthrough month for us after setting the ground earlier. After some insightful tests we have rolled out the first major campaign for a utility app which proves that we can deliver traction. “The numerous tests have helped us gain insights and valuable data from the Japanese market”, Shin explains. Knowledge that can be combined with the supply our company already had as a part of Germany’s leading digital marketer with a powerful international network. Importantly, our focus on verticals like on-demand, travel and entertainment has been picked up well as agencies in Japan are looking for solutions in these fields.

Yosuke Kurokami Ströer Mobile Performance Japan Tokyo


As we go forward, growth is of course a key goal for the coming months. We are set to intensify our relationships with the top 7 agencies in Japan. “It is important to keep building relationships of trust based on actual results. We can’t oversell in Japan, we need to convince based on delivery, quality and transparency”, says Yosuke.

To underline the Japanese growth project, our General Manager Timo Richardson will be in Japan from 18 May for a week. He will be curious to learn about the demands and expectations of our Japanese partners. And he will take the opportunity to explain how we can offer added value to our partners in Japan. Being part of the Ströer family is a key here. For branding campaigns in Germany, our company is the premium choice for Japanese companies looking to get the word to the right audience – and through the Ströer family, we can transport these messages far beyond the confines of mobile apps.

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