High Chart Position, Increase User Interaction – Anibis.ch Case Study

Who is our client?

Anibis.ch is a Swiss online portal for free classified ads. Their website and app provide a great variety of offers and products in a vast number of categories.

What type of campaign did we run?

We ran a CPI / incent & non-incent promotions / CH / Android & iOS campaign.

What was our goal?

It was our goal to increase the active user base while reaching top positions within the app stores for Android and iOS in Switzerland.

How did we realize our goal?

We realized our goal through a mix of incent and non-incent traffic.

We achieved our goal within apps and mobile websites with the defined target audience. Here are the steps we used to reach our goal:

I. We used a high volume of incent installs during the burst days, in order to support and stabilize the app within top 10 in the shopping category.

II. Furthermore additional non-incent promotion was employed to generate a long tail of active users and reach client‘s quality KPIs.

III. Our targeting was based on two major user categories – sellers and buyers, to ensure deeper app interaction.

What results did we achieve?

I. We generated over 30k total app installs within several months, which led to a stable top 10 ranking in the shopping categories both on Apple’s as well as the Android charts.

II. Likewise we achieved over 3k ad postings from active sellers.

III. 50% of the users within the non-incent campaign contacted a seller in order to buy products (email, call)


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If you would like to download this case study as a PDF document, click here: Anibis Case Study

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