TriviaThursday #15: How Relevant Is Mobile Ticketing?

Mobile Ticketing is fast, convenient, new – but is it relevant?

When you book tickets on-line, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered mobile ticketing. This is a relatively new alternative to home delivery of hard copy tickets or print at home versions. It’s a great idea, but are people using it?

triviathursday mobile ticketing

Yes – mobile ticketing has fast become a relevant feature in e-commerce/m-commerce. One example: Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national railway service, recently released surprising numbers about its digitization (see an article by The number of tickets sold and handled on the smartphone jumped by 75 per cent, to 28.3 million, in 2018.

In the United Kingdom, this trend is also showing. Corethree, an m-ticketing provider, recently reported that mobile ticketing for transport tickets had increased more than 23 times since 2015.

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An industy outlook by Juniper Research, released early this year, sees the user base for mobile ticketing explode globally. The analysts find that 1.1 billion people worldwide are already using this method to show their tickets to concerts, movies or flights; and in 2023, according to Juniper, it will be 2.2 billion.

“Mobile ticket purchasing is becoming the norm in sports, with fans predicted to spend $23 billion via mobile in 2023, up from $14 billion in 2019”, the press release by Juniper states.

One example: The New York Red Bulls, a soccer team from the United States, have decided to switch to mobile ticketing only in their home arena. There will be no paper tickets, no print-outs and no alternatives to mobile ticketing via app as the 2019 season kicks off.

So how would you distribute your seats or flight tickets?





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