Meet Bruno Lucas: “My Biggest Motivation Is to Understand What Our Publishers Need”

Meet Bruno Lucas, Campaign & Ad Management Senior Expert

In an industry where technology dominates the talk, allow us to introduce a guy who puts humans first: “Good relationships and emotional connections to other humans are the most important thing for me”, says Bruno Lucas, our new Campaign & Ad Management Senior Expert based in Berlin.


Bruno Lucas Ströer Mobile Performance Precision X

31-year-old Bruno is a born Brazilian who also holds the Portuguese citizenship based on his family’s roots, and he has been living and working in Germany for almost four years. “I really enjoy the quality of life and the reliability of living in this country”, Bruno says, and he’s doing his best to adapt to the culture he now works in.

Bruno has a strong focus on Marketing in his professional career. He came out of his home college in Brazil with a Marketing and Advertising bachelor. He moved on to Portugal to add a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication. After that, he started working in performance marketing with an American company where he managed the accounts of Brazilian clients.

Tech driven, but still human

In the five years that ensued, Bruno has gained a lot of expertise and seen the mobile and marketing business from various angles. For our company, he takes responsibility on the supply side. He onboards publishers, manages the relationships, feeds them with campaigns and makes sure that long-term partnerships prove beneficial for all parties.

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“My biggest motivation is that I want to understand what our publishers need”, Bruno says. He is analytical, he knows the tech part, but he believes that working with people, having conversations and discussing on a personal level makes all the difference. “My idea is that, although we’re a tech-driven company, we’re still humans and we’re available to take care of what our partners need.”

He takes music seriously

Bruno safeguards quality, which means that he has to second-guess the results provided by publishers at times. “This can be difficult to bring across”, Bruno says. Yet he needs to assess and re-assess the integrity of marketing activities monitored in our system. Strong personal relationships help him communicate well, and Bruno is happy that he can add a lot of value to partners. “There are many things to suggest, it’s a 360 degree approach.”

Privately, Bruno Lucas is someone who takes music very seriously. Listening to music gives him comfort. Actually, he is highly interested in experiencing music across genres. He goes to techno clubs, he listens to heavy metal, he likes to spend a night at a jazz club or at classical concerts. The only thing he doesn’t enjoy too much is when people don’t open up to new musical influences.

For 2019, Bruno has a big task: He’s going to marry his girlfriend. The exact date has not yet been set. But it will happen – in Germany.

Great to have you on board, Bruno!





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