Meet Us at App Promotion Summit London 2019!

Meet our Team at App Promotion Summit London on 4 April!

In the business of app marketing, achieving growth in a meaningful, sustainable and efficient way is key. It’s important to discuss how to do this. Trends are changing, tech is changing – and ways of reaching out to audiences are changing rapidly. As an audience hub for apps we’re experts in this field. So we’re happy to take part again in another great event of the App Promotion Summit series, this time the App Promotion Summit London 2019 on 4 April in Knightsbridge.

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Our team will be represented by Paolo Zappalà, Sales Management Senior Expert, and Rafael de Carvalho, Head of Campaign and Ad Management. Meet them to discuss how to increase the number of users your app receives. A leader among mobile agencies in Germany, Ströer Mobile Performance has direct access to a great variety of traffic sources. Developers should speak to us to find out how to run app promotion camapaigns in an efficient way.

To book a meeting now, simply continue to our You Can Book Me page for App Promotion Summit London [Linked].

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