New Trends and Games at White Nights Conference Moscow

What is the gaming industry looking for and which strategies do we see currently? That was the most important question at international White Nights Conference last week.

The show featured three showcases with over 100 talented teams from all over the world in Moscow. They presented their best games to influential game industry professionals.

The conference program contained presentations held by representatives of Playrix, Nevosoft, Playtika, Google, Social Quantum, amazon, Facebook, Epic Games, Game Insight and many other leading companies in the industry.

Targets matter: Developers need to know exactly which aspects of innovation they should launch in the market. During the two days of the event, our team, consisting of Head of Advertising Management Galina Moiseenkova and Senior Publisher Manager Valentina Guseva, met old friends and got to know new partners.

 „White Nights conference creates a unique environment for game developers, publishers and marketers to discuss new tendencies and gaming industry insights, get familiar with upcoming titles, as well as meet business partners and friends“, Galina summarized.

An interesting aspect of the conference from our perspective was to see fresh game developers mostly from Russian speaking countries and many people interested in gaming visiting the exhibition and exchanging ideas about new games and their favorite trends. Also, people from outside Russia talked with developers  and new business partners from all over the world. The gaming industry launched innovative games and discussed strategies which are in the future focus, especially mobile marketing strategies.

In the end, we would like to say thank you to all visitors, new customers and partners for making White Nights Conference a really inspiring event.


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