TriviaThursday #8: What’s the Volume of New Year’s Messages Sent via Mobile?

How Many New Year’s Messages Are Sent From Mobile Phones?

The global volume of New Year’s messages sent out from the mobile phone is an impressive indicator of the way in which digital communication has advanced to ubiquity in most angles of the world.

Ströer New Year's Messages

Here’s one impressive number to demonstrate this: For the turn of 2017 to 2018, 75 billion messages were sent through WhatsApp alone: 75,000,000,000 messages – by a user base of 1,3 billion (1,300,000,000) users. See the Venture Beat story about New Year’s messages for more about last year’s stats. Looking at the growth from 2016/17 to 2017/18, it is pretty rational to expect we’ll hit 100 billion messages pretty soon.

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At the same time, good old SMS is clearly in a state of decline. Yet the volume of this universal service’s usage should not be underestimated. In Germany, 10 billion SMS were sent for the time of New Year’s messages. (It had been six times that number five years earlier, as was reported by dpa in this story found on 10,000,000,000 for 81,000,000 Germans – that still seems a pretty big number.

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