Our New CRO Dóra Lakatos Joined Google’s Women of Gaming Panel

Diversity is a corporate asset. But to achieve the desired state of work-life diversity, conscious efforts and a transition of culture are called for. Being aware and mindful of the challenges and transparently working towards improvement are key. It was in this spirit that Ströer Mobile Performance joined a Panel hosted by Google in Berlin earlier this month. More precisely, our new Chief Revenue Officer, Dóra Lakatos took to the stage and joined Jeannie Odreman (Product Marketing Lead, Bigpoint), Martine Spaans (CEO, Tamalaki.com) and Selina Springvloet (Head of Marketing Mobile, Wargaming) on the “Women of Gaming Panel”.

Women of Gaming Google

The participants were asked about their personal experiences as women in the industry and discussed the reality of leadership roles as well as the numbers and discouraging statistics behind them. One example is the low rate of only 17 per cent of C-level executive jobs held by women in the tech industry. In addition to this specifically in the gaming space, we see product output continue to follow stereotypical patterns in their visual creation process while their global audience already shows a much higher level of diversification at its core. Of course, key questions were asked about limiting factors that impede female careers.

“It was a fascinating session with productive conversations and not enough time to discuss it all”, Dóra summarized the night. “There were many questions raised and to my surprise countless real life stories shared and discussed among the participants.”

women of gaming dora lakatos

In today’s digital business, equal opportunities for all genders are required not only by law. They are also the goal of many initiatives. Yet, culture often lags even in these innovation-focused environments. Dóra, who has gathered experience in the leadership of various digital companies, seeks to advance diversity in her role as a key member of management.

Create an environment where people, ideas and goals come together

Among the topics discussed on the Google Women in Gaming podium, a fixed gender quota and recruitment as well as talent management practices ensuring diversity were covered in depth. In this context, Dóra made her point: “I believe in conscious leadership which sees personal employee and corporate well-being as the ultimate goal and takes steps accordingly including pro-active diversity management, individual employee growth planning as well as spotless and transparent HR and recruitment processes ” To her, taking diversity seriously means clear communication, taking responsibility and creating an environment where individuals can thrive regardless of their gender, age or other personal backgrounds. In her new role at our company, she hopes to create an environment where people, ideas and goals can come together and form a constructive unity and a healthy, success-driven atmosphere.

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