Working as a Student at Ströer Mobile Performance

Hi, I’m Lisa and for the past four months I’ve been working at Ströer Mobile Performance as a working student for PR/Communications and my time here is coming to an end. Before I leave I would like to share my story and experiences in this article and give you a general idea of what it’s like to be a working student at Ströer Mobile Performance.

But first, a little bit about me: My name is Lisa Nesti, I’m 22 years old and a German-American bilingual music and marketing enthusiast and digital native. As I’m writing this article I’m in the last week of my Bachelor studies in Media Management at the University of Cologne – so wish me luck!  Before taking this position at Ströer Mobile Performance I was able to gain practical experience mainly through an internship in Media Design & Marketing at a e-commerce start-up in Düsseldorf called and through my position as Head of Communications Cologne last year at the largest German student initiative for marketing MTP e.V, which stands for Marketing between Theory and Practical experience. From the first day they made me feel welcome and gave me the feeling of being a fully-fledged member of the team.

Now that you know me a bit better, we can move on to the more important questions:

What do I do at Ströer Mobile Performance?

I’m a working student in PR/Communications at Ströer Mobile Performance. Different from the other working students here I don’t support a team, rathermore I work quite independently in the field of communication and public relations, reporting to our COO Markus and, from time to time, working with a freelance adviser. My main responsibilities include event communication, all social media channels, newsletters, design, event planning and the creation of this blog as well as articles on it.

Is it hard being a student and working at the same time?

It’s not hard at all. I work about 15 hours a week which means I’m only at the office two full days a week. The rest of the time I don’t need to be available and answer mails, etc., and I can focus 100 per cent on my studies. Ströer Mobile Performance is a great employer in that sense since I can be very flexible in my schedule and they are always very understanding.

How is the atmosphere at the office and among colleagues?

The atmosphere among colleagues is great! The team is quite young, dynamic and very passionate about what they do. From the first day they made me feel welcome and gave me the feeling of being a fully-fledged member of the team. They are very kind and helpful and generally fun to be around. Having a beer together after work on our terrace and coming together for company barbecues is only one way the team spirit manifests. It’s also great to be part of such an international team and getting to know collegues from all over the world.

What’s my favorite part of the job? 

My favorite part of the job is definitely being entrusted with so much responsibility and really being able to have an impact on the way Ströer Mobile Performance communicates. Since I’m a very creative person, I really love that I am able to propose strategies, designs and content without being limited by large amounts of rules and restrictions. It takes a lot of trust from Ströer Mobile Performance letting me plan, create and publish so much on my own which I’m very grateful for. Furthermore I enjoy being able to work with colleagues from all different departments and really being able to gain insights into how the company and moreover the teams work.

What have I learned?

For me, the biggest takeaway has definitely been how to prioritize. Since I work on so many different projects at the same time I have learned how to best organize my tasks in the order of their importance which has made an impact on how effectively I am able to achieve my goals. I have also learned that some things take time and, while it is important to try and stay on schedule, not all of your plans work out as fast or the way you wanted them to. Sometimes it’s out of your hands and you have to learn how to be patient and more importantly adapt to the new situation. I have also learned how to work with a lot of new tools such as WordPress, SEO Plugins and Moreover my writing and interviewing skills have definitely improved as well as my knowledge of the newsletter tool MailChimp and the Adobe Suite and my organizational skills when it comes to planning events. Moreover I learned a lot about mobile marketing and more specifically mobile performance marketing, which is a topic I had very little knowledge of before working here.

Would you recommend working at Ströer Mobile Performance to others?

I most definitely would recommend working here. Whether as a student or as full-time employee you will be part of a motivated and dynamic team of amazing people and work in a fast-paced and international industry. You will be able to take on a lot of responsibility and grow with your projects and challenges.

Thank you, Ströer Mobile Performance for an amazing working student experience!

Check out Lisa’s LinkedIn Profile to learn more about her!

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