The exciting days of early September

Ströer Mobile Performance at dmexco

It’s always great to step back and reflect for a while after meaningful and hectic events have taken place. dmexco is one of the most energetic trade shows on our annual conference schedule, and thus we’re happy to look back at the exciting two days in our hometown Cologne.

Actually, the experience started a day earlier, when we joined the pre-events happening in our hometown. During the two days of the event, our team, led by CEO Oliver Wimmeroth and COO Markus Braun, worked the booths at dmexco. But it was not only these two, the whole team at the fairground had more than 100 meetings in those two days – wow! We are lucky to have the incredible Ströer space as our home ground for meetings and networking. As last year, this has been an amazing position for business and small talk.

It’s also great to see our entity being a part of a corporation that really shapes the business in Germany. Ströer’s Co-CEO Christian Schmalzl and Chief Marketing Officer Robert Bosch took the stage to contribute to a programme filled with inspiration for digital marketing.

Ströer Mobile Performance at dmexco

The perfect addition to these hard facts is the party part, which is very important at dmexco. Members from our team were present both at the famed OMClub party and at Online Marketing Rockstars’ event – which is not just fun but also very useful to network and manage relationships in the industry.

Finally, we want to thank all visitors, all our valued customers and all new partners for making dmexco a very special event.

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