TriviaThursday #16: How Fast is 5G Speed?

How fast will 5G speed be?

The next generation of mobile networks will be rolling out soon. It’s the fifth generation of this kind of infrastructure, which explains the abbreviation 5G. There’s a lot of talk about this upgrade. The industry expects great improvements and it’s the one big topic, e.g. recently at Mobile World Congress in February. 5G speed is one of the main reasons to do so, because 5G is set to bring massive upgrades for network speeds.

Trivia Thursday 5G Speed

How fast is 5G speed going to be? Very fast – up to 10 Gbit/s. This means that the data rate can be around one hundred times as fast as the currently possible 4G or LTE standards, and ten times as fast as the fastest data transfer currently offered by mobile network operators. This 5G speed means that the next generation of mobile will be offering faster data transfer than cable connections. However, it should be noted that this is the maximum data speed. It is safe to say that this speed will not be achieved for the majority of users at all times in all regions.

By the way: The fastest country to roll out 5G was Qatar, where network operator Ooredoo launched its network with 5G speed last year.

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