TriviaThursday #7: How Do Holiday Shoppers Use Their Smartphones?

Did you know: What’s the role of the smartphone for Holiday Shoppers?

Holiday shoppers smartphone

The time to shop for Christmas is almost over for the big Holiday Shoppers, even though the actual climax of browsing for products will most likely be hit on the day after Christmas, December 26 (see this article by Yieldify for this interesting phenomenon). But it is already safe to say: The mobile phone has become an essential part of modern consumers’ yearly Holiday shopping.

A recent, detailed report by Deloitte, found here, indicates that mobile is the most prominent growth area for electronic shopping in these Christmas times. According to this insight, 67 percent of those interviewed had planned to use their phones for a purchase, which is 10 percent more than in 2017.

According to the research, these are the top five uses for the smartphone in Holiday shopping:

  1. Order status tracking
  2. Online browsing
  3. Price checking and comparison
  4. Purchases
  5. Getting store locations

The Deloitte report also shows a very clear tendency: Money for gifts is spent increasingly through digital channels. The in-store part was expected to drop to minority status by 36% of the consumers, whereas 57% expected to spend more money on the presents they buy online.

For the so-called millennials, smartphones have become indespensable. A study by Oath indicates that 61 percent of the youngest generation will use their smartphones to browse for gifts. That is much stronger than in Generation X (50%) and the Baby Boomers (32%). (see story in mobilemarketer)

With this statistical look at Christmas, we wish you all the best if you celebrate!

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