TriviaThursday #14: Which Region Has the Highest Mobile Social Media Penetration?

Which World Region Features the Highest Mobile Social Media Penetration?

Mobile is becoming normal. People all over the world are using their handheld devices to stay in touch with the news and their friends and colleagues via social media. Mobile social media penetration is growing everywhere – but some regions clearly are ahead.

mobile social media penetration Trivia Thursday

We recently studied the new, brilliant Global Digital Overview by Hootsuite. It’s a wonderful exploration of the status of the digital world in 2019.

In this, we found a good overview of mobile social media penetration in the world, broken down by regions. Against the total population, the following are the leaders in this category.

1) Eastern Asia (70%)

t2) Northern America (61%)

t2) Southern America (61%)

t4) Northern Europe (59%)

t4) Central America (59%)

The regions with the lowest penetration:

Central Asia (8%)

Eastern Africa (7%)

and Middle Africa (6%)

The country with the highest mobile social media penetration, according to this report, is Qatar with a stunning 99% against the general population.

Spanning the world – what’s the distance to travel from Copenhagen to Palo Alto via Paris (attention: trick question)?


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